Something about sizes

Getting the store ready!

I wanted to write a short text explaining what I do.
I am an artist and I draw my entire life. 

So, I decided to use this platform as a way to offer you my art as some cool items that you can buy!

With all my product, the printing starts when you order it!

That makes it a bit easier to provide you with a bunch of various products; However, the waiting period is a little longer, and more importantly, the manufacturing companies unfortunately do not provide returns or refunds due to a wrong size.

So please, check the delivery speed and the sizing chart carefully before ordering!

Here are size charts for most of the products I offer.

Men's t-shirt size chart:
men's t-shirt size chart

Women's t-shirt size chart:

women's t-shirt size chart

Hoodie size chart:

hoodie size chart

Tank top size chart:

tank top size chart

I hope all these info helps out!
Cheers and happy buying! :D